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Imansaz Tehran with registration number 112847 started its activities in 1995 by utilizing engineering knowledge, domestic and foreign experts, and scientific and engineering standards in order to fulfill industrial, residential, and commercial projects at highest levels of quality and satisfaction. Imansaz Tehran benefits from having more than two decades of engineering experience and continues diligently to serve as a reliable contractor to its investors and employers. Imansaz Tehran has always adhered to its mission of delivering projects in full compliance with requirements and standards, using resources wisely and efficiently, and reaching milestones aven under tight schedules. So far the company has kept with its mission and successfully delivered more than 40 national projects in a variety of fields. Benefiting from employing experts, modern equipment and machineries, and scientific decision making process Imansaz Tehran has become capable of doing national and international projects and is interested in partaking in such opportunities.

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